March extra: a poem

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I can’t stop my heart from calling out your name. God made me for you, this much I know is true. He gave me this body for you to ease my mind. He gave me this mind for you to caress inside. Deep as the ocean we swim like dolphins, carefree and awesome. I think love is my purpose along with all of the others: faith, hope, and courage.

You have to bet it all. I’d rather play it safe. Safe won’t get you castles in the clouds and sand at your feet. What if he doesn’t like my smile? Honey, your smile gets him out of bed in the morning. I barely know him, this is absurd. Stop thinking and feel, your feelings are real. Sometimes, your thoughts turn you into your worst enemy.

It is going to work because love is stronger than fear. Because the angels are cheering for you. Because I’ve waited a whole year just to see him again. I know I sound foolish, so call me a fool and I’ll take it as a compliment. Butterflies, cloud nine, hallelujah. Then we become grounded in the joy and strength God gives us.

Don’t listen to the voices that keep you up at night, they are filled with envy, they are filled with spite. Everybody wants a good old-fashioned storybook ending: toe pick and as you wish. They had to put up a fight, they had to walk towards the light. You can live the life you want to live. Just listen to your heart and you will be alright.

Have a good week,


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