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Seven years after my breast cancer diagnosis, I have self-published a book about my healing journey, Are You Ready To Put All That Cancer Stuff Behind You? Using Art Therapy and Affirmations to Heal and Move Forward. My book has a message of hope and courage. I give readers creative tools to process difficult emotions, develop compassion, build confidence, practice gratitude, and find the silver lining. I enjoy inspiring survivors to follow their heart and live their dreams!

Now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

ARE YOU READY TO PUT ALL THAT CANCER STUFF BEHIND YOU?  is a breast cancer memoir and recovery guide. If you’re looking for hope and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Julie will make you laugh, cry, get creative, dream big, and believe in miracles.

Julie shares the story of her surprising diagnosis, aggressive treatment, and long recovery from a mind – body – spirit collapse. Finding solace in art therapy, affirmations, and nature walks, she attempts to understand the disease that changed her life.

Julie describes her path to self-acceptance, the loss of her father to lung cancer, and a visit from an angel who encouraged her to keep going. This book will resonate with cancer survivors and curious folks who enjoy reading about the resilience of the human spirit.

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In June of 2009, I had a marble-sized lump removed from my right breast. At my follow-up appointment, I learned it was a 2.1cm tumor, invasive ductal carcinoma. The sentinel node biopsy revealed the cancer spread to my lymph nodes. I was naïve and ready to fight. By March of 2010, I finished treatment: lumpectomy, two re-excisions, four months of chemotherapy, and six weeks of radiation. Instead of bouncing back, I was knocked down for the count.

Survivors are expected to recover quickly and find the silver lining. The only thing I found was resentment for my new normal which consisted of neuropathy, lymphedema, hearing loss, and fatigue. After I regained my physical strength, I was hit with the emotional fallout developing post-traumatic stress disorder. I took the treatment to live and it felt like I had died. I couldn’t find the old me and the life I once knew moved on without me.


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